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Hugo Troll Wars 1.03.8

Hugo Troll Wars 1.03.8 Free Download

free download

Remember Hugo? He's back, in strategy game form


Hugo, for those who didn’t know about its existence, was a popular TV character back in the 90’s. Loved by so many and hated by the evil Scylla, Hugo had to succeed through several trials with the help of the young viewers during his TV adventure. Now, this charming troll is back, available to download for iOS, Windows Phone and Android systems with Hugo Troll Wars, a simple strategy game designed for touch devices.

Play as King Hugo or Queen Scylla in this everlasting war between trolls and witches, or even get a taste for both sides at the same time with different accounts on the same device. You will aim to take back their homelands from the enemy forces in an entertaining gameplay. The game is always online, so keep that in mind before the download since all your army and buildings will require your connection to start the production.

Play as King Hugo or Queen Scylla on this everlasting war between trolls and witches

The aspect of the game is quite simple without very good animations. The designs are influenced by the classic TV series, porting their original cartoon aspect to the rendered version. The differences between both sides are visually noticable, as the trolls are presented with colorful motifs, whilst the evil witches have a malevolemt environment with dark-tones and colors. In general terms, the graphic aspect does not stand out; it is just passable, which is good enough for humble devices.

Place your buildings with caution
Place your buildings with caution

How to make war in fantasy worlds

As in any strategy game, the gameplay is based on gathering resources for creating new troops and buildings. These resources are both gold and wax, and can be obtained by building extractors for each kind, or obtained freely by attacking other villages and taking all their riches. With them, you can build troops, upgrade buildings and create impenetrable defenses all around the village for repelling possible attacks from other nearby villages. Buildings cost money and time, but time is relative since you can boost the construction with in-app transaction purchases.

Variety in these games is always a good point and in Hugo Troll Wars you will find yourself with a good variety of troops but not so much variety in the building side. Archers, melée warriors, dragons, skeletons and other kinds of creatures will be at your disposal as well as cannons and magic towers for fighting back against enemies that will try to destroy your village.

The game includes a single player adventure campaign in which you will have to defeat strategic points on a map, but the exciting part is the online cooperative multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can create your own alliance with other players for sharing your army and performing attacks to advance the same objective. This way you can use bannermen mercenaries as your own forces in this addictive game mode.

Are you looking for an online fight?
Are you looking for an online fight?

Hugo Troll Wars 1.03.8 Features

Check the main features of Hugo Troll Wars:

  • Dynamic real-time strategy adventure based on the original story of Hugo the troll for mobile devices
  • Collect the battle cards that act as a booster for your troops in further battles against witches or other trolls
  • Create an alliance with your friends and plan attacks against powerful enemies that you can’t beat on your own
  • Claim relics by fighting against and defeating other players’ villages
  • Play online with your friends or solo in the single player campaign with a good time duration
  • Great variety of troops for creating your own army with warrior trolls, witches, skeletons and dragons, depending on which side you play for - Hugo the Troll or Scylla the Witch

For additional details before the download of Hugo Troll Wars, be free to check the official app webpage.

System Requirements

Here you will find listed the requirements for Hugo Troll Wars:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, iOS 6.0 or Android 2.3.3 or later
  • Size: 80MB free space

free download


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